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Different types of bread that you never knew before.

There are many types of bread and they all come from different origins. Bread originated about 30,000 years ago. Its origins are said to have been made by the Mesopotamians and Egyptians who discover how to grind wheat and pound it. Mix with water and

Pinguecula, symptoms of abnormalities of the eyes.

Eye abnormalities such as “ Pinguecula ” are another symptom of disease that appears with important organs of the body such as the eyes. Usually, we often hear that only elderly people develop pinguecula in the eye area and have to undergo surgery or eye peeling. There may be some misunderstandings mixed in in this part,

How to cure spicy symptoms that really work Without having to rely on water.

Cure spicy symptoms : There are many benefits of chili peppers, such as increasing substances of happiness (Endophins) and relieving pain. Relieves cold symptoms, reduces mucus, and reduces cholesterol. A study from Japan found that chili peppers increase body temperature. Promote the metabolic process Useful for weight control At the