How to cure spicy symptoms that really work Without having to rely on water.

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Cure spicy symptoms : There are many benefits of chili peppers, such as increasing substances of happiness (Endophins) and relieving pain. Relieves cold symptoms, reduces mucus, and reduces cholesterol. A study from Japan found that chili peppers increase body temperature. Promote the metabolic process Useful for weight control At the same time, it also helps dissolve thick mucus and make it lighter. Makes it easy to drive out For asthma patients Chili helps the bronchial tubes expand well, not constrict, so people who have allergies or asthma will be fine if they eat chili.

After we eat food that causes a burning sensation This occurs after eating spicy food that contains capsaicin. We ทางเข้า ufabet will feel tortured and want the spiciness to go away. Most of the time in the past we used to drink water to solve problems. or reduce the spiciness But found that the spicy sensation was ineffective. The spiciness remains. Or maybe it’s even increased. Here’s how to cure the spiciness. That is more effective than drinking plain water.

  • Eat rice, bread, or drink milk, then slowly suck on candy because of the sweetness in these foods, drinks, or candies. It helps absorb capsaicin (Capsaicin), which is the cause of the spiciness. When the tongue or any part of the body comes into contact with the tiny chilli. 
  • Drink fresh lemon juice or tomato juice to help counteract the tantrums. Because the acid will react with the substance, which is an alkali, making the spiciness less effective.

Things that cause spiciness

Capsaicin, the substance that makes chili peppers spicy Can be soluble in fat, oil and alcohol, but insoluble in water. Therefore, drinking water after eating spicy food will not reduce the spiciness. But this will cause more capsaicin to spread throughout the mouth and come into contact with pain receptors. Makes it feel more burning.

Additionally, you should avoid drinking beer and soft drinks after eating spicy food because they are mostly water.

Senses sensitive to capsaicin are activated when exposed to heat. Therefore, drinking coffee after eating spicy food will increase the burning sensation. So after eating spicy food You should choose to drink cool drinks such as milk, yogurt or lemonade, which will help reduce the spiciness.