Different types of bread that you never knew before.

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There are many types of bread and they all come from different origins. Bread originated about 30,000 years ago. Its origins are said to have been made by the Mesopotamians and Egyptians who discover how to grind wheat and pound it. Mix with water and cook to eat and store as food. There is also evidence such as murals in many tombs depicting people holding bread to worship the gods. This type of traditional bread is call Flatbread because it does not contain leavening agents like baking powder or yeast that make the bread rise. It is dark in color and not easily digested like modern bread. 

Bread It is consider to be the most popular food around the world. Bread is made from wheat flour mix with water and yeast or baking powder. And other ingredients to add color, taste, and aroma, beaten together and baked. 

Type of bread

Bread is a baked product made from wheat flour, sugar, fat, salt, liquids, and various additives. We can divide bread into 2 main types: Quick Bread is bread that is risen with baking powder. or baking soda, such as muffins, pancakes, etc. And another type is Yeast Bread, which is ทางเข้า ufabet bread that is raised with yeast, such as various types of bread, steamed buns, pizza, etc. We can classify bread according to the amount of sugar and fat in the ingredients into 4 main types.

Hard bread

Is bread that is high in protein and resistant to fermentation, resting and rising of dough. It has a sugar content of 0-2% and a fat content of 0-3%. It is shape like a long or short round rod. The surface and texture are quite hard, such as French bread, chicken leg bread, and Vienna bread. If it’s a round loaf, it’s call a Hard Roll.

Loaf Bread 

Is bread with a sugar content of 4-10% and fat 3-6%. The surface and texture of the bread will be softer than the first type (softer. Depending on the type of flour use) it is shaped like a skull. and square Because they often use long, narrow prints. To force the shape and volume of the dough to be consistent. This type of bread includes various bland breads. It is often use to make sandwiches, such as loaves of bread. Sandwich bread Skull bread, bran bread, etc.

Soft roll bread

Semi-sweet bread. Bread made from flour with a medium protein content. It has 10-15% sugar and 6-12% fat. It has a softer texture than pound bread. has a slightly sweet taste. Popularly used to make bread with fillings such as soft buns, raisin bread, pork shredded bread, chicken bread, etc.

Sweet Dough 

Is bread with a moderate amount of protein and uses the most yeast. It’s similar to Soft Roll, but it’s sweeter. The sugar content is 16-22% and fat 12-24%. This type of bread usually has ingredients that go well with the sweet taste. Such as ingredients such as dried fruit, ground nuts, cinnamon, etc. It is the bread that Thai people like to consume the most because of its stronger flavor than other types of bread. This is because this type of bread uses higher amounts of sugar, milk, fat and eggs than other types of bread. One sweet bread recipe can be transformed into many different shapes and can be filled with various fillings. To add flavor As for naming the bread Most are name after the filling they contain, such as coconut bread. Cinnamon bread, custard bread, etc.